Our Lira is back to Life!
The Lira that was once forgotten in your grandparents' drawers and central banks' deposit rooms is now to be worn with pride.
With your support, the Lebanese Lira is brought back to life!

The Dream...
This bracelet has a story.. a story that was aroused by the Port of Beirut explosion on August 4,2020. A date that will never be forgotten by the Lebanese people who live inside and outside of Lebanon.
Nights became a burden where I forgot the meaning of sleep and I couldn't even stay in bed. This is when "Liretna" campaign was born.
I believe that in every crisis, good things can still happen. For me, I decided to follow this dream of mine and revive this beautiful lebanese coin.. hand in hand with the people of heart.

What's special about the 50 Lira?
It has 8 edges ( octagon shape ) which represents the destruction of Beirut 8 times. Each time, we look at it in our hands and remember how Beirut was destroyed and rebuilt 7 times during history. After the 4th of August, the 8th destruction happened... but, just like the Phoenix, it will rise again and be stronger and more beautiful.

As is.
You may notice that every coin comes with its unique scratches and marks. These are intentionally kept to represent that effort, Life and history of our ancestors. It is much more than wearing a coin.. It is wearing the glory and sacrifices of those who survived before us.

Thank you!
Thank you for being a HUGE part of our "Liretna" campaign. You are brining the Lebanese history back to life by wearing this coin in its many forms and especially in these unprecedented times.
A share profit will go to "Lebanon Strong" which is an organization built on a people-helping-people framework.